New Internship Opportunities at Trinity Botanic Gardens

In Summer 2020, Trinity Botanic Garden launched a new undergraduate internship programme. It offers two students of Botany or Environmental Science a unique opportunity for work experience at this historic garden of the Botany department, and a chance to learn about the conservation and research work carried on there.

Interns will be part of the garden team for six weeks. They will gain on-the-job training in horticultural practices, general plant science and conservation initiatives. Interns may also have the opportunity to assist in the large scale digitisation of the living plant and genebank collections along with any projects or events happening at the gardens during that time. Students will be encouraged to take every opportunity this offers to improve their plant knowledge.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that the inaugural 2020 programme was delayed while return-to-work policies and safety guidelines were put in place for staff and interns. By August we were delighted to finally be able to welcome our first two student interns to the garden, and they proved to be a very positive addition to the garden team.

This year we are very lucky to have three prospective Botany students joining our team. They too take up their internships under strict Covid-19 regulations but they have settled in well despite the social restrictions. You can read about their and last year’s student experiences in the ‘Internship Days‘ student blog.

We are extremely grateful to the Cathcart family for their generous donation to the Department of Botany which enables us to support this and future internship programmes.

Details of this and future internships are posted on our News page.

If you are interested in partnering with our undergraduate internship programme further details can be found here.

Interning at the Trinity College Botanic Gardens has been a very valuable and rewarding experience. There were lots of opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in horticultural practices, and it was great to get the experience both working with the Botanic Gardens’ staff and independently. Working on the digitisation of the garden’s woody plants database was interesting and informative, and provided some insights into the taxonomy and distribution of some of the garden’s collection.”

Interns' blog...

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