Arbutus unedo, or strawberry tree, is a native Mediterranean species. It is also considered to be native to Ireland and is found in south-western Ireland and County Sligo; however, there is some question that it may have been as a result of prehistoric human introduction [1]. Due to its adaptation to hotter climates, its response to a warming environment is interesting to monitor in an Irish context. In Ireland it is also a near threatened species, with population decline recorded in Co.Cork, Kerry and Sligo associated with a decline in habitat quality [2].
It is a species with significant cultural importance, as its ornamental, nutritional and medicinal value has been recognised since Greek times [3]. It is widely researched, with more than 200 of its features being studied globally, as retrieved from relevant databases.

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Microscope image of leaf surface showing particulate pollution

Stomatal Conductance

Particulate Matter