Botanic gardens have great untapped potential for climate change research.

To leverage this potential we are launching the Witness Tree Project, as part of our 10-year strategy. Every year we will collect and analyse data, and make information available on how the trees in our collection respond to and withstand changes in their environment, and evaluate how effectively they can filter out pollution, bridging the fields of climate change and urban forestry research.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from Dr Beate Schuler and the European Research Council (101020824).

Mission 1

Using Trees to evaluate the impact of green policies

Mission 2

Studying trees to inform outreach and risk mitigation

The Witness Trees

All our witness trees have different stories to tell. For some it is a story of threat in the face of environmental change and loss of their habitat. For others it is a story of local adaptation and resilience.

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To understand the stories of our witness trees we have to ask the right questions. Every summer our researchers observe critical functions in our trees which will tell us about their health, and ability to capture particulate matter pollution.

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