This is a structured transition year (TY) student work experience programme in Botany which introduces the student to all activities of the Botany Department.

The student will have an opportunity to spend time at the Trinity College Botanic Garden learning about plant propagation, including seed germination and vegetative propagation, to increase the stock of living plants. They will get hands-on practise in the horticultural techniques involved, from mixing compost to collecting and sowing seed, to taking cuttings from living plant material. They will also learn about the day-to-day operations for running a botanical conservation facility.

As well as an opportunity to work at the botanic garden, TY students will learn about the other teaching and research activities of the Botany Department: laboratory techniques, conservation practices, plant-animal interactions and fieldwork practices, seed collection and storage for the Irish Rare and Threatened Plant Genebank and the internationally important Herbarium.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who will be preparing for the Leaving Certificate to obtain a comprehensive introduction to Botany at Trinity College. Click on the links below for more information and application details:

Taking cuttings as part of TY student work experience in plant propagation methods