We have added a new video to our 5 in Five series – Woodland Wildflowers!

This first video of 2022 is presented by Botany’s Dr Daniel L Kelly. Daniel presents five late spring woodland plants:  the iconic native bluebell, the wood anemone, violet, wild strawberry and early purple orchid.

The video was filmed in a native woodland in Co. Westmeath. It is situated on Long Hill esker – a serpentine ridge of sand, gravel and boulders deposited by glacial water – a Special Area of Conservation managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. It is a rare and wonderful example of native woodland in Ireland and a refuge for a diverse range of plants and animals.

Early May is the ideal time to see these beautiful plants in their native habitat before all the leaves have flushed and the woodland canopy closes. Why not take the opportunity to visit Long Hill, soon, and see if you can spot any of the five plants in our video.

Woodland Wildflowers, and all videos in the 5 in Five series, can be viewed on the Trinity College YouTube channel or on our website homepage.

This video was made possible by the generous Beate Schuler Fund.

You can read more about the 5 in Five series in our earlier post. Don’t forget to look out for the next in our short film series on native Irish plants coming soon!