In our latest ‘5 in Five – A video flora of Ireland’ episode, Steve Waldren presents ‘Salt Tolerant Plants’.

Filmed at two SPAs (Special Protection Area) – the evocative Booterstown Saltmarsh in Dublin Bay and windswept dunes of the south Wexford coast – this fascinating episode explains how these particular plants have adapted to their high salt and sometimes inundated environments in dune and salt-marsh habitats, and how to recognise them: marsh samphire, sea-blite, grass-leaved orache, sea purslane and dwarf eelgrass.

‘Salt Tolerant Plants’ and all episodes in the 5 in Five series, can be viewed on the Trinity College YouTube channel; or you can visit the Resources section on our Homepage for a searchable list and interactive map of habitats covered in the series so far.

All videos were made possible by the generous Cathcart and Beate Schuler Funds.