Meet Nadja, Ailis and Heather, our summer interns.

L-R: Nadja, Ailis and Heather - finding enjoyment in every task, even pot-washing!

We were very lucky to have three amazing interns at the gardens this summer.

Ailis Wynne and Nadja Burkart are third-year undergraduate students of Botany and are here under the Cathcart and Schuler-sponsored internship programme.

Heather McLean’s internship is sponsored by Trinity Disability Service in a new and exciting collaboration between Trinity Botanic Garden and Disability Services to create a special sensory map of the gardens as part of the TCD Sense project. Heather has just completed her Botany degree at Trinity.

All three students have been a wonderful addition to the team with their enthusiasm, good humor and hard work. Read their blogs to see how they got on.